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Adopt a Family
Adopt a family

Kausay Wasi Clinic is proud to be fully sustainable. Our operating costs are covered by the fees provided by our patients.

However, people living in extreme poverty are often unable to afford even these modest fees charged by the clinic. In order to provide indiginious families with the care they sorely need, we started the Adopt a Family program in 2006.

Anyone wishing to provide health care for an entire Peruvian family for a period of one year (including medical, dental and gynecological care, lab work, X-rays, physical therapy and medicines) may do so by sending their tax deductible $200 donation made out to: Capitol City Medical Teams | 3275 Crestview drive, Salem, OR 97302

Please be sure to write "Adopt a Family" in the lower, left-hand corner of your check. You will be provided with a tax deductible letter at the end of the year. Additionally, if you would like to receieve a picture of your adopted family and a detailed report of how your donation helped them, please provide an email address with your donation.


Click here to give a one-time donation of any amount: