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Medical Campaigns

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To date, 120 American, Canadian and European  volunteer medical teams have performed over 2800 free operations at the clinic, including gynecological, orthopedic, Ear Nose and Throat, plastic surgery, dental, and general surgery cases.

These surgeries are otherwise very expensive and totally out of the economic reality of the clinic`s patients.

Additionally, the clinic has sent 7 patients to the United States, 1 to Europe and 8 to Lima for surgeries that could not be performed at the clinic, at no cost to the patients.

About Us

Asociacion Civil Promotora de Salud Social Pro Salud Calca is a registered Peruvian non-governmental non-profit organization founded by Guido and Sandy Del Prado to provide basic health.

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Volunteer doctors have worked with Association Pro Salud Calca since 2003.

Tarapaca Street S/N Coya, Calca | Cusco – Peru
Telephone USA: 786 999 8284
Telephone Peru: (+51) 084 797493
Cellphone Peru: (+51)984 673814 | (+51)984 673815
Email: info@kausaywasi.org