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About Us


Welcome to the Kausay Wasi Clinic!

Founded in 2005 by Guido and Sandra Del Prado, the Kausay Wasi Clinic provides health quality health care to Peru’s poorest. Guido is a retired Foreign Service Officer and Peace Corps Director and Sandra is an ex Peace Corps Volunteer and USAID Health Officer. They have both worked extensively in Latin America.

The Clinic offers an array of services at low, affordable prices and include: general medicine, emergency room care, pharmaceuticals, dentistry, physical therapy, prosthetics, gynecology, ultrasound, audiometry, laboratory tests, and x-rays. Patient unable to pay are offered these services free of charge. No patient is ever turned away due to lack of funds.

Patients are treated with dignity and respect for their traditions, customs, and beliefs. Our staff of 33 locally employed personnel speak Quechua, the native language of Peru, and are thus able to understand the needs of all our patients whether their primary language be Quechua, Spanish, or English.

In addition to all our regular services, the Clinic coordinates with medical groups that specialize in treatments and surgeries we are unable to provide at the clinic. Each year, over nine visiting medial teams visit the Clinic to provide consultations and surgeries for medical problems related to optometry, pediatric orthopedics, dermatology, gynecology, ears, nose & throat, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, and general surgery. To date, 130 American, Canadian, and European volunteer medical teams have performed over 3,000 free operations at the Clinic. In specialized cases where patients require extensive medical treatment or surgeries, the Kausay Wasi Clinic has sent seven patients to the United States, one patient to Europe, and eight patients to Lima, for surgeries performed at no cost to the patient.  

In addition to providing medical services, the Kausay Wasi Clinic seeks to support and aid the local community.  Because many local families do not have access to clean drinking water, the Clinic processes and provides free, potable water for our patients and neighbors. Additionally, the Clinic reaches out to our most rural patients through our rural health program which identifies patients for treatment at the clinic and provides preventative health care education.

Located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Coya, Peru, the Kausi Wasi Clinic is open seven days a week from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. You can reach  the Clinica by calling: (+51) 084 797493.


To view this year’s visiting medical teams and their specialties, click the “Medical Campaigns” tab above.  To read more about the organizations we partner with, click the “Partners” tab above. 

About Us

Asociacion Civil Promotora de Salud Social Pro Salud Calca is a registered Peruvian non-governmental non-profit organization founded by Guido and Sandy Del Prado to provide basic health.

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Volunteer doctors have worked with Association Pro Salud Calca since 2003.

Tarapaca Street S/N Coya, Calca | Cusco – Peru
Telephone USA: 786 999 8284
Telephone Peru: (+51) 084 797493
Cellphone Peru: (+51)984 673814 | (+51)984 673815